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Zo Skincare

Creating and maintaining beautiful, vibrant skin is a passion of mine. After spending six years treating patients with various skin conditions I know how problematic skin can, at minimum, be a daily annoyance, and can decrease self confidence. I believe that using medical grade skincare that is appropriate for your specific skin condition is the best way to achieve an effortless glow. That is why I decided to work with Dr. Zein Obagi‚Äôs ZO Skin Health system. 

Created by Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO skin health system delivers results using medical grade, prescription-strength skin care products. These products are formulated to work together to achieve smooth, firm, even-toned, and hydrated skin. ZO provides solutions to effectively treat a variety skin issues including: 
- Acne
- Enlarged Pores
- Rosacea/ Redness
- Melasma and other irregular pigmentation
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Age spots
- Sun damage

The first step to treating problematic skin is to correctly diagnose the problem. At your initial appointment a comprehensive medical and skin care history will help to direct our treatment. From there we will work with you and your lifestyle to create the perfect solution to reach your skin care goals. 

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