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stimulator peel

(red carpet Peel)

Your skin will be prepped with a gentle cleanser. Afterward we will exfoliate your skin before the chemical peel and neutralizer is applied. A combination of serums will be applied to hydrate, brighten, and encourage collagen production. 
This chemical peel is absolutely beautiful in combination with dermaplaning
If you are looking to peel a little deeper, ask about the 3-step peel!


The beauty of this peel is that there is no downtime! You get the beautiful glow of a chemical peel without all of the shedding.


This peel helps to reduce fine lines, improves skin texture, and diminishes dark spots. It addresses the concerns of anti-aging, acne, congestion, and brightening and is safe for patients with rosacea and sensitive skin.

You will see results with just one peel! For maximum results I recommend a series of three to four peels spaced three to four weeks apart.


I recommend keeping the peel solution and serums applied after the peel on until you go to bed at night for best results. This, however shouldn’t cause any delay to your social life because you will leave looking and feeling refreshed.

Details to know:

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