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Ear Piercing

Ear piercings do not have to be painful or scary! Using numbing cream and/or local injectable numbing medication you don’t have to feel a thing! Ear piercing at Ashford Aesthetics starts with either topical numbing cream or a small amount of injectable numbing medication, so that no pain is felt during treatment. The area of choice is discussed and marked then confirmed to ensure you get the perfect placement. Piercing guns are not used for multiple reasons. They are not easily cleaned or sterilized which is of utmost importance to us. They can give inaccurate results versus a piercing needle which is more precise. Using a piercing needle causes less trauma to the tissue of the ear decreasing healing time and less inflammation and pain. 


After your piercing, you will follow the postcare sheet provided to you at your appointment. You do not want to remove the studs from your ear or handle your ears unnecessarily. For ear lobe piercing plan on leaving the piercing studs in for 6 weeks. For cartilage piercing plan on leaving the piercing studs in for 12 weeks.


I proudly use Theodosia earrings that are made from 14k gold and are perfect for piercing. 

Types of Earrings:

If you would like to get a jump start on the care of your piercings, then you can purchase a wound wash or piercing aftercare. I recommend one by NeilMed that can be purchased on Amazon.

Details to know:

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